*walks up to newborn baby* haha fuckin virgin

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i think its dumb if drug dealers get sentenced to longer in prison that rapists?? like people ask for drugs but no one asks for rape???

Finally someone said it.

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best porn blog ever

Mildly Sexual / Love Blog

best porn blog ever

Anonymous said: Let's say this guy liked me and I didn't give him a chance, and I feel really bad even tho it has been a while, and I did a lot of thinking and I would give him a chance, but I think it is too late... What should I do?

Talk to him about it. Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels.

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Mildly sexual blog ♥
Day 525


There’s still no god.

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"black friday" more like the day where merchandise is sold for what it’s actually worth

You have to pay someone to harvest the resources, you have to pay someone to refine them, you have you pay someone to turn those resources into the parts you need, you have to pay someone to assemble the parts into the final product, you have to pay someone to ship it, then you have to pay a clerk to sell it then you have to pay taxes AND make a profit. Learn something about economics. 

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if you’re on the street and an old person smiles at you and you dont smile back there is something seriously wrong with you

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Alright, story time kiddos.*TW*
These pictures were taken almost exactly 3 years apart.  The one that I look like death in, was taken a few days after I was released from the hospital after I tried to overdose on pain killers.  You wanna know the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced?  When my stomach started to cave in and my muscles deteriorated from being severely bulimic for 6 months.  All it took was one comment for me to do this to myself.
You have so much power over your body and you can do so much to it, what you choose to do is your own decision.  But what would you rather have; brittle bones, a permanently scarred body, dead, greasy hair, discolored teeth, and permanently chubby cheeks?  Or a healthy body?  Bulimia is never the better option.  If you aren’t happy with how you look, then eat right.  Exercise properly.  And do it for yourself, not to prove a point to everyone else.

Bringing it back as a reminder for all of the ladies and gentlemen out there who think that a skinny body is a “beach body.”  Love your curves everyone, they’re way more flattering than bones anyway.

Proud of you